Panevezio “Zemynos” progimnazija

Our school is located in Panevezys. It is a general education school attended by 630 students from primary and pre-school classes aged 6-15. One of the most important duties of the school is to develop the student’s mind in every field and become a fully responsible adult. Our mission is to provide educational services and education based on quality, performance, promotion of European values, equal opportunities for all and openness to lifelong learning and education.
We want every student in our school to constantly develop and improve their core competencies to continue their education and throughout life. Our school is open to students with special needs, the number of whom increases every year. We have 40 classrooms, a computer laboratory and a library.
We also have a swimming pool where Olympic participants train and a new football field. There are 50 teachers working in our school. All of them have followed specialist courses in IT, foreign languages, curriculum strengthening, career guidance, master’s degree in the last three years. We also have good cooperation with local institutions: health office, town hall and police. We even have partnerships with the latter two to develop activities for and with students. Swimming, football, drama, robotics, chess, music and other clubs are available free of charge. Our teachers work for the full development of the human personality.
We strive to raise individuals who are tolerant, understanding, and respectful of human rights and fundamental freedoms among all nations, racial and religious groups. Our institution is not only an education center but also an entertainment center. Students have the opportunity to participate in many courses and clubs according to their interests.