Dalya is a business and was established in 2010 in Çukurova. It works in the field of information technologies, advertising and promotional activities. She is particularly experienced in web design, mobile learning applications and e-learning platform design. According to the workload in the company, there are 3 permanent and 6 temporary employees. This organization is preferred due to its characteristics in terms of project proposal. It is a research and promotion firm, specializing in distance education solutions through web-based learning and ICT-based learning. The agency follows digital technologies and tries to adapt digital skills and innovations through software applications and programming in mobile and e-learning environment.
It carries businesses and institutions to the future with distance education solutions. Its vision is to offer the right path to client companies and customers with solution keys. Innovative and creative views and ideas are the company’s goal. The most important feature of being a team is that the parties believe that they can go better together towards the common goal. For this, everyone takes on certain tasks. It is recognized that if one of the tasks fails, the whole team will be hampered in achieving the goal. Business life is better suited to this. Teammates stand behind each other in important moments, motivate the team in difficult situations and explain the team’s mission. It should make you imagine the vision in a tangible way that you can almost touch when you reach out your hand. Successful teams are not made up of people who do the same job, but of people who are different from each other, who complement each other and form a single whole. Being a team requires having the feeling that everyone will complete a whole as a whole. Agency is one of the cornerstones of the service sector – participating in the needs analysis of educators and users of robotics
Dalya’s key staff in the project are selected on the basis of their past experience in ICT applications and are known to be experts in the fields they will contribute to the project. They have national and international reputations in their fields of work. On the other hand, they have documented and proven both technical achievements as well as high educational opportunities in the sector. They also have a high level of technical and analytical skills and expertise. Dalya, together with its staff, will participate in all activities with the Lead Organization in the design of the Platform and webpage and other digital materials and in the implementation of innovative open educational resources. Dalya also aims to take full responsibility for the production of digital materials.
Dalya will be responsible for the innovative platform that will connect educational organizations, companies and volunteering SMEs based on digital technology and green logic. Our innovative and teamwork-based approach is fully in line with the project’s objective and we believe that we can effectively support the project with our experience in information technology.
The organization has not been involved in a project in the field of school education before. It has partnered in adult education projects before and reflected its digital competences in these projects. As a Newcomer in the field of School Education, it will increase its institutional capacity development at EU level due to the work and activities in this project. It will be able to have an EU-wide network, especially through the Erasmus+ program. This will strengthen the project execution capacity and the cooperation and communication network. It will use its existing technology experience especially in line with the program’s action plan priority of transition to digital education and will contribute to teacher trainings.