Asociacion Granadina para la informacion, formacion y desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologias / Spain
Umbrella organization for school education
AGIFODENT is a non-profit educational institution established since 2002 in Cenes de la Vega, a small village around the city of Granada, Andalusia – SPAIN. Our organization is a large umbrella educational organization with a private VET school and a private ADULT school. Our organization works for Cece Granada, the largest educational institution in Granada with more than 1000 classrooms of all levels: kindergarten, primary, secondary, VET and undergraduate. Agifodent works on current issues in Europe and is involved in international projects related to them. According to the official statutes of our association, its main articles are
Informing, teaching and developing European Programs in Andalusia.
– Promote and develop training programs for educators for the management of new technologies and provide information and advice for applying to Europe
Programs and during the operations necessary for these issues.
– Facing and carrying out international activities as a global process for the improvement of the educational and professional situation and the situation of Andalusia in general.
– Focusing on educators and providing them with all available information on European Commission initiatives, International Programs and European Mobility Programs to improve their professional skills.
– Disseminate and disseminate information about job and training opportunities in other European countries.
– Bringing information and other results of research carried out under the European Training Programs closer to the general population.
– Develop tools and services that enable intercultural and linguistic learning.
– Promote and enhance European Citizenship.

– To consolidate knowledge of other European cultures and lifestyles.
– Promote debate and discussion on social issues such as the environment, climate change, social exclusion and the reintegration of marginalized populations (especially disabled people). This should be done following a translation perspective to enable the exchange of knowledge and experience between European towns and cities.
– Actively cooperate with other institutions or organizations that share common goals.
– Maintain and promote the exchange of professional experience between members and other interested persons linked to the European field in order to obtain assistance, experience and professional enrichment. Our organization has 11 staff and more than 300 students of all ages, especially veterinary and adult students.
AGIFODENT has been working in the field of European projects for more than 12 years and our team has developed great experience in producing successful projects in different fields at national and international level. AGIFODENT has been involved in previous European projects giving our staff the necessary training and experience to develop future projects. We also have a large network of IT and VET centers and evaluators who have already been trained to develop the materials and assist in accordance with the requirements of the project. In the field of education, AGIFODENT belongs to the Spanish Confederation of Education Centers (CECE), which includes most of the public and private schools in Spain. Agifodent collaborates with CECE in the evaluation of schools on Erasmus+ projects. This partnership allows us to promote and disseminate our work for national and international projects in more than 6000 educational schools and more than 1 million students in Spain. In AGIFODENT we work on all kinds of different projects, as we are part of a wide network within the public and private sector in education, public national institutions and cultural heritage organizations. After all these years we have been able to create a wide network based on different interests and we would like to continue developing new projects involving different areas such as education, youth, gender equality, social awareness, science, prevention and many more. .
We are aware that European projects are a great opportunity to exchange personal and professional knowledge, real and fantastic experiences in the fields of education and culture and that the mobility of students and teachers is the best way to learn under life experience. The competencies of our key personnel who will be involved in the project can be mentioned as follows;